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Mandi Moss

With over 10 years of salon and spa experience, I first taught myself my way around a bleach bowl to do bold and bright colors on my own hair and my friend’s. I spent time in the non-profit sector where I was excited to help further causes that are important to me, both advocating LGBTQ rights and supporting our thriving theatre arts scene in Los Angeles, while also working as an artist within it. Now I provide color and cuts for clients who want to live bold and stand tall. I deeply value empowering the LGBTQ community, radical self-expression, environmental consciousness, and amplifying local businesses owned by people of color. I work to create a safe place for the Queer community and a place that individuality and diversity are celebrated.

My business is for outsiders who have never felt like there was a place for them: the people who feel judged at the spa for their tattoos or who asked for a mohawk and were given a pixie cut; the people who want to try something new and fun; the people who want great services with no snobbery and a fun vibe. Hair is a chance to instantly say who we are. I want my clients to look in the mirror every day and feel true to themselves.

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Anyone who knows me knows my hair is a huge point of beauty for me. So when I am feeling frisky and wanna add some sparkle to my regular copper color, I always consult Mandi to balayage me some Coral or Rose or throw some surprise pink in there. She's literally been glowing up my hair for about a decade now, and I can confidently say she's the one to consult if you are wanting to have some fun with colors!


Mandi is amazing. From cut to color I feel so understood! Whether she’s giving me punky color, a refresh of color, a simple shave of 2/3 of my head or a glamorous hairstyle for an important event I always know I’m in good hands.


Mandi is an incredible artist, who not only has vision, but the creative enthusiasm to tackle a gorgeous array of queer, gender and life affirming cuts and colors. My curls have never happier than they are under Mandi's care and I always leave their studio feeling like my truest self.

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Monday / Wednesday / Friday : 10am to 3pm 

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Phone: 323-230-3078

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